Corporate Events

Corporate events in the private sector are considered one of the most important commercial and social activities carried out by any company, whether old or modern, and in various forms of activities, starting from the launch and opening of the company through conferences, exhibitions, launching products and services, even social activities, awards and incentives.
We plan and implement the event smoothly, and save you effort and time by providing all comprehensive services for the event.
  • Corporate Celebrations

  • Conferences

  • Honors and Awards

  • Launching products and services

  • Exhibitions

  • Incentives and motivation

تعتبر فعاليات الشركات في القطاع الخاص من أهم الأنشطة التجارية والاجتماعية التي تقوم بها أي شركة سواء قديمة او حديثة، وباشكال مختلفه من الانشطة ابتداءا من اطلاق وافتتاح الشركة مرورا بالموتمرات ، المعارض، اطلاق المنتجات والخدمات، حتى النشطات الاجتماعية والجوائز و التكريم

نحن نخطط وننفذ الحدث بسلاسة ، ونوفر عليكم الجهد والوقت بتقديم جميع الخدمات الشاملة للحدث.

احتفالات الشركات
التكريم والجوائز
اطلاق المنتجات و الخدمات
الحوافز والتحفيز

How We Do It ?

• Preparing a high-level product presentation
• Preparing the press release
• Determine and reserve the appropriate place and time for the event
• Prepare all necessary equipment for the event
• Preparing invitations and distributing them to target groups
• Communicate with the official sponsor of the event
• Inviting media professionals and photographers and following up on their attendance
• Manage all logistics of the event
• Preparing the interview schedule for the speakers at the press conference
• Audio / AV processing / microphones / data / screen / lighting, etc.
• Registration and arranging tables and seating
• Overseeing all design and decoration of the event
• Coordination of media gifts
• Translating information materials into the required languages
• Follow up on all coverage of the press conference
• Preparing interactive discussion panels
• Preparing meetings and conciliation agendas with similar companies to strengthen relations with them
• Preparing specialized workshops on the sidelines of the event
• Preparing the closing gala dinner and award ceremonies